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Can I sue my friend for the balance due on the account for the storage locker?

Philadelphia, PA |

I got a storage locker in my name for a friend because she wanted to quickly get her stuff out of the apartment she was living in because it was broken into. During this same time her 2 yr old son was admitted into the hospital for a very serious eye infection. She was unable to leave the hospital freely being a single parent. However she was still determined to move her things out of the apartment before her rent was due (in 3 days). There is a storage unit a block away from my house and I went there (on the phone with her) to find out how much a locker would cost. After getting the information she pleaded for me to get it for her because she was unable to leave the hospital at the time. She never paid her storage bills and the account went into collections.

I have contacted via Facebook, Twitter and text message informing her that her bill was due. She promised that she would pay it. Her name is on the contract and she was given a set of keys and code for the locker.

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Yes. You have a good case because of the aforementioned evidence and relation of the facts. Sounds like a small claims court matter. You will need to prove your case.