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Can I sue my former roommate in order to split the bill?

Las Vegas, NV |

Collections is after me and my roommate. I really want to pay them off so that I can rent out an apartment, but the problem is that I can only pay for half of it. The other problem is that he really doesn't want to pay for it so I'm pretty much stuck with the bill. Is it possible to sue him in order to split the cost so that my name is clear after I pay for my share?

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Attorney answers 2


Sounds like a small claims court case to me. Check on the internet for forms and venue.


Not exactly. Nevada judgments can hold you jointly and severally liable for a joint debt like this one. It heavily depends on the lease agreement you signed. If a judgment is obtained, the collection company would execute the judgment on either one of you in full until the judgment is satisfied.

The best strategy would be to contact the collection company and offer to pay your share in return for dismissing the complaint against you. You could hire a lawyer to do this, but it probably would be too costly for a small debt.

Also, if you have other debts, you could consider bankruptcy.