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Can i sue my ex wife for emotional distress and harrasment

Seattle, WA |

I want to sue my ex wife for emotional distress and harrasment for the last 6 months she has been calling my chain of comand and asking for money, for bah. i have set up several differant allotments to try and solve this the most recent one was denied cuz the acct my nco gave me was wrong. she has since emailed my comand and first sgt to say i havent paid her we are legally divorced and have been since the 17th she no longer has any right to contact my chain of comand. She knows that i get in trouble when she calls and i have told her this but she wont stop calling she also sent a copy of the divorce paper work that was finalized to my chain of comand i had no idea the divorce was final until they gave me the papper work can i sue

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You should make an appointment to speak with a JAG attorney on base. Your best course of action may be filing a petition with your local district court seeking an anti-harassment protection order. If the judge finds your ex-wife's behavior egregious enough, the judge can order her to stop calling your command and leave you alone.

I suppose you can sue her for emotional distress and harassment, but you might have a hard time proving your actual damages. Hope this helps.