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Can I sue my ex stepfather because my mom committed suicide from him and his lawyer bullying her?

Allentown, PA |

My parents went through a divorce. My mother finally left after 30 years of severe abuse. My stepfather got virtually everything he wanted. He got the house that was ours before they married. He only had to pay her minimal alimony and she was to manage the two rentals until they were sold. He harassed the tenants until they moved out and him and his atty bullied her until she gave up. The court was aware, told him to stay off the property but he didn't listen. Now he wants to take over after she stuck over 17K into the two of them to update them. Technically he would get everything including the profit from the sale of the homes. My mom's will reads that my brother and I are to split her belongings. Can we sue for what should have rightfully been ours in the event of her passing?

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There is no legal impediment to anyone suing anyone else. However, you're going to need to document, gather witnesses, etc. See under Find-A-Lawyer. Enter 'Litigation' and 'Allentown PA' to find several well-qualified attorneys nearby. Good Luck!


As Mr. Potter states, you have the opportunity, and it sounds like you have several grounds for possible victory. Evidence will be an issue, and you will need to act quickly, as statutes of limitations are a bar to any recovery. Speed is always advised when you've been wronged.

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I agree with my colleagues and cannot emphasize enough that you and your brother need to get an attorney and need to do so quickly. There are many fine attorneys in your area. If your mother had an attorney for the divorce, that may be a good person to get referrals from if you respect him or her. I can't tell your age from this question but you may also have friends and co-workers who have had good experiences with attorneys who may either handle this type of matter or refer you to attorneys who do. Get moving on this and good luck!

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