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Can I sue my ex husband and his family for lying about custodial rights and keeping me from my child?

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When I was 17 I ended up pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Shortly after giving birth her father and I got married. He was in the navy and bills became tight so we asked my family if they would help us out and take our daughter until we could get things worked out. Well they it greedy and called child services and well some how I ended up supposedly loosing custody of my child but never was served with proper papers or went to court over any legal agreement about the child. I only received a phone call from his mother stating care arrangements had been made and I wasn't allowed to see or have my child. I was young and dumb at the time but have changed my life around since. I want my child back I just need some advice on the situation and don't have a lot of money! Help!

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You are going to need to have an attorney look over everything that was done then and see what your options are now. So long as the child was not adopted or your rights terminated, and the child is still a minor, you should have a shot to at least get visitation and then try for custody.

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It sounds like you aren't really sure what happened or why you don't have your child. You may have a chance at regaining custody or visitation, but it depends on what happened. You need to start gathering paperwork.