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Can I sue my ex-girlfriend for lost wages and emotional distress, and for forcing herself into my life by dating my cousin?

Antioch, CA |

I lived with my ex -who is about ten years older than me and makes a lot more money- for a few years during which she aborted our child without me asking her to do so, caused me to lose my business (which is why I left her and moved about 50 miles away), and it was a very abusive relationship that psychologically destroyed me. After the relationship we strung it out a bit, but eventually I totally cut her off and got on with my life. After that she stalked and harassed me for a few years, during which I repeatedly told her to leave me alone... The last time she called to harass me was about three months before she started dating my cousin and showing up at my family parties, and pretty quickly got pregnant by him... She's great at playing the victim and making me look like the bad guy.

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You can sue. You are not likely to win and it is not likely a wise choice.

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