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Can I sue my ex for defamation of character?

Kenilworth, NJ |

He put a threat on facebook and text it to me which he admitted to in family court when we went for the final restraining order. Based on the threat there was a warrant for his arrest for harassment but he's telling everyone we know or that may know me that I came to his job and got him arrested for a motorcycle that I owned which he had possession of. That is not true, I came to get the motorcycle and the police ran his name and mine and realized he had a warrant and arrested him after I left with my motorcycle. I have people calling me everyday asking me why did I get him arrested as though he did nothing and now I still feel harassed though he's not the one calling me.

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Let your lawyer handle this. If you do not have one yet, get one. Things are beginning to get ugly.

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Let your lawyer resolve it, and report abuse to FB


Presumably those that are calling you are people who are his friends and relations and therefore not "on your side" to begin with. As best as possible, just ignore these people and even hang up on them without discussion because there is likely nothing you will say that will "convince" them of the position you are taking in the matter. If any of them make threats or act in a physicall threatening way then do report that to the police.