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Can I sue my employer if I was verbally threatened by another employee.

Middletown, CT |

I was asked to be spoken to by an employee in the back of my store. He had heard rumors from another employee stating I was gossiping about him. I was yelled at and verbally threatened that I would regret ever talking about him. When I tried walking away he followed yelling and I was forced to leave. My manager stood by the entire time and did nothing. I had to go up the street and call my district manager. I was told not to return until that employee left the building. No disiplinary action was taken.I was asked if I wanted to store transfer to a lower position. I was also asked if i wanted a few days off. I am not comfortable around this employee. I was told I had to continue to work with them. Customers and others heard yelling which was also embarrasing to me. What can i do?

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An attorney would need more information to be able to give you expert advice. However, I can share some basic information that may be helpful to you. If a coworker is harassing you on account of your age, race, color, national origin, gender, religion or disability, then your employer would be obligated to take appropriate "corrective action." Corrective action could include disciplining the harassing employee, providing training regarding appropriate workplace behavior, transferring an employee, etc.

If two employees are having a personality conflict, the employer is not legally obligated to do anything about it. It makes good business sense for the employer to address the problem, but they would not be violating the law if they simple ignored it.

How do you know that the other employee was not disciplined? Most employers are very tight lipped about the discipline that they hand out. The coworker could have been disciplined and you might not ever know about it. Over the years, I've heard many, many individuals claim that the coworker was not disciplined, and they've very often been wrong.

Good luck.

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