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Can I sue my employer for harassment and discrimination, and false imprisonment?

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During a job evaluation Had the manager and 2 supervisors present. At the beginning my manager stated that both would be sitting in and she supported them fully. One of the supervisors locked us in the room and the beginning. They started with why someone would work at a place that made them unhappy. Then I was told that they wanted to hire all new graduates so they could mold them into good employees and they'd worry about clinical skills later. I was the only employee that they did that to. I went to HR and nothing was done other than they let me put a rebuttal in my job performance eval., and about locking me in the room. She thought nobody else noticed and the manager said that the door wouldn't stay shut. Went to the VP with no resolve.

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I agree with the previous answer that discrimination or harassment must generally be based on membership in a protected class (age, race, sex, religion etc.). As to false imprisonment, the general definition of that tort/crime is an unlawful restraint of another's liberty. This restraint can consist of physical force or threats of physical force, but also by fraud or unreasonable duress, or by confinement using physical barriers (e.g., a locked door). As often is the case, more facts would be required to conclusively answer the question of whether this scenario would constitute an actionable claim for false imprisonment. You should contact an employment attorney to fully discuss the facts and law applicable to this situation.


It is possible to sue your employer for unlawful harassment or unlawful discrimination. However, you must be able to prove that the harassment or discrimination was directed to you because of your race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability or age 40 or older. I do not see any of this in the facts that you have provided, but certainly it is possible that there are other facts that you did not provide.

I am not sure that these facts would give rise to a false imprisonment claim.

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