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Can I sue my employer for feeling unsafe when threatened by a cop and security is on the scene and did nothing?

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In essence i did nothing unlawful and was asked by an officer, while doing a job for my boss, for my ID i refused as I was in my legal rights he got out of his car walked over to me threatened to tase me for resisting arrest. I handed over my ID after that he ran it; the whole time mouthing off to me (i have the detailed story if need be) then security asked for my ID i complied. The officer as he is running my ID says "Don't let me catch you on the streets." One of many verbal threats he made among "Your going to be fired after this today." and "I hope you have a warrant for your arrest so I can take your ass to jail." I was being snappy with him and sarcastic AFTER being threatened to be tasked but never did i curse at him or verbally/physically threaten him. So, is my employer liable?

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No, you cannot sue your employer because of the actions of a police officer. You are partially (if not mostly) to blame for what happened. There was no need to be snappy or sarcastic. All you had to do was show your ID and explain what was going on. That would have been the end of it. By being uncooperative, you caused the officer to believe that you were trying to hide wrongdoing. Tes, the cop was unprofessional as well, but that does not excuse your behavior.

If you feel you must do something, call the police department's internal affairs unit and file a disciplinary complaint.

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