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Can i sue my employer for defamation of character and wrongful termination?

Elizabeth, NJ |

i was working for 14 years at the same company, my employer while on vacation/family illness, when i return to work , i was given a meeting where she states that some of the papers I fill out for parents were tampered, now these were forms i submitted in July and in September she telling me they were fake, not real., now i was not given the opportunity to see what happen and find out how it happen, this excuse was used to be suspended for a week. Than through the mail I received a certify mail stating that "after our meeting i have made more investigations and have found more irregularities, for that reason your employment is terminated. now the don't know what were those irregularities it is not said in the letter. after that meeting, she made a staff meeting and told everyone I suspended

than the day i received the letter, on that day she told each employee that will not be returning., as i was notified by my former co-workers. also i was i called the agency i submitted the paperwork in July, and questioned what was wrong with papers, they explain that the paperwork were in fact not good because of certain numbers that was not sequenced, and i asked them, why I wasn't notified and they stated that they didn't know until my employer started calling almost everyday while I was out, they also stated as well that this person (my employer, spoke so bad to my character, that they were surprise being that she was the person in charge, and never even try to support or help me clear this situation., instead of defending her employee, she just used bad mouth me, not knowing I was going to find out, but worst is no type of ethics, I was just thrown under the bus.

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Truth is a defense to Defamation. So you have no cause of action for defamation for anything that your former boss stated that is true. Furthermore, Defamation requires dissemination to someone other than you. Telling everyone you were suspended is not defamation, because it is true--you were suspended. As to the reasons, which you claim were false, you have no proof she said any of this stuff to anyone other than you, or even what she said exactly. Also, you should know that opinions are protected by the first amendment. For it to be defamation, it has to be a false statement of fact (not opinion) which damages your reputation--and even then, you have to prove that you suffered monetary damages as a result of the damage to your reputation by this person's defamation.

As to your wrongful termination claim, you should consult with a local plaintiff employment lawyer. Many give free consultations (check beforehand) so you would have nothing to lose for an assessment of your case.

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