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Can I sue my employeer for leaking FMLA and Health infomtation to other employees in the plant that do not have a need to know?

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I entered my workplace unnotticed and overheard my direct supervisor disclosing my return to work status and illness to the other employees in the lunch room. One of the other employees noticed I was there and told my supervisor. He Looked around the corner and saw me entering the locker room to change, the room went silent once he saw me. I was so upset about this that I took a personal/sick day.

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It was inappropriate for your supervisor to disclose your medical/health information to your co-workers. I don't recommend filing a law suit as your first step. I'd recommend talking to your HR Director of VP of HR about the situation. If they do not take it seriously, you may want to talk with an employment law attorney about what your options might be.

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How this should be handled is very fact specific based on what exactly was disclosed. From what you posted it could be that you were returning to work after a bad bout of the common flu, or after suffering Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP), which is common among AIDS patients. Both are wrong, and it is understandable that you were and are upset. I suggest you speak with an attorney about the exact nature of what happened.

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More facts are needed. Consult with a lawyer. Disclosing your personal medical information was wrong.

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