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Can I sue my Doc for clearing me to return to physical activity before my injury was fully healed resulting in 2 more surgeries?

Denver, CO |

I broke my leg and was released by my surgeon to return to physical activity since the bone was almost completely healed. He said I could get back to light activities even after two of the screws holding the rod in place were broken. He said the broken screws weren't an issue. Four months later I go in for an MRI because my leg was still causing me pain. The results came back showing my leg was only 50% healed and they suspected an infection. They did two more surgeries to take out the hardware. On top of that my bone shifted because the screws were broken and the bone is now healing crooked. They originally blamed the infection, but now I believe the doctor is to blame because the results came back showing there was no major infection of the bone. What can I do for?

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Tough case, but, you should talk with a local medical malpractice attorney. All the records will need to be reviewed and an expert will need to consider the issues.


You would need to retain a local malpractice lawyer who can order your medical records to review.


This is a judgment call, and a hard case. The only way to get a clear answer to whether you have a viable claim is to obtain all your records, including all imaging studies. A personal injury attorney can do this for you, and can have the records reveiwed for you.

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