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Can I sue my dentist? She stated she would provide aesthic improvement of aging and sunken mouth with implants/overdentures.

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My priority was to improve the appearance of aging sunken mouth after 5 years of dentures. The first set of denture made I looked like I had horse teeth. Dentist indifferent to the appearance. "You'll" get used to them. I was very upset. Given a new set, they were awful too; leaning inward. Mouth looked sunken and teeth on bottom laid flat. I told the dentist how upset I was that there was no improved appearance., third set not much better. I was told they would charge money for any more work. She said she was taking a class in facelift dentures and I could get those but I would have to pay for them. Two of the implants are not attached to anything in the denture as the dentist didn't know how to do it. Cost 25,000 dollars.

Outcome for me: severely intimidated and humiliated. Dentist lied about her ability and was indifferent to my disappointment. This was very different from when I met her. The care was sloppy and grossly substandard. The bottom denture moves all the time and get food under it.

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A bad result unfortunately doesn't always mean there was malpractice. Here, it would depend on whether the care provided by the dentist was below the standard of care. You could sue, however, the real question is whether you would be successful in your suit. Use Avvo to find a medical/dental malpractice attorney to review your dental records.

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Whether or not the dentist breached the "Standard of Care" is the big question. If so than what are your damages and are they enough to validate a claim. Consult an attorney to investigate and advise.

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More info is needed. A local dental malpractice lawyer should investigate by ordering your records and sending them to an expert if necessary to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care. I’m sorry, but the only malpractice cases my firm handles are birth injury cases (Cerebral Palsy), failure to diagnose cancer cases, and wrong site surgery cases.

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