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Can I sue my dental surgeon for negligence?

Chicago, IL |

I had 3 implants placed which were larger than my original teeth as well as longer. These are front teeth (8,9,10) so they are very apparent and gawky looking and it's totally depressed me and I am self conscious when I smile now. I am a good looking woman and appearance and smiling has been second nature to me. I have before and after pictures and x-rays and have journalized everything. I want to sue for physical damages, I feel he's altered my gums by the way he placed the implants and one has fallen out and I had to get him to glue it in again. He claims to be stellar in the field but my mouth proves him wrong. Surgery was done 1 year ago this month and I believe the stat is 2 years here. I've been looking for a lawyer and still haven't found anyone. HELP!

I should add also that during the surgery, without my knowledge or permission this surgeon cut a flap in my front gums, I only noticed as I opened my eyes and noticed him suturing. I kinda freaked out and he said he had to cut to remove an absess. I didn't have any problems with absesses ever and this is where my gums recede (implant shows through)and he placed a larger implant than the other sizes he used. When Ive presented how I feel about his work he glazes over it and says they look great. My plan was to have more implants done but I can't see having more teeth put in to match these large ones I have in front. I certainly would not have him do them and I need extensive work done to fix what he's screwed up. Since I've gone to him I have witnessed several verbal outbreaks with other patients complaining about work he's done and I have met one other person who has had to have their implants adjusted by him.

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You have to keep looking for an attorney willing to handle your claim. You'd only have a claim if you can prove that the doctor committed malpractice in placing your implants; this requires expert testimony.

Medical malpractice cases are difficult and expensive; it's very possible your damages would not be sufficent to justify bringing a claim. If you have a valid claim, you should be able to find someone.

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