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Can I sue my company for not approving my disability due to my back issue and also slipping and falling at work 28 weekspregnant

Hightstown, NJ |

I have had issues with my sciatic nerve to a point i cannot preform job duties and work makes it worse. my chiropractor advised for disability he filled out paperwork still watiing for metlife to approve
march 22 slipped and fell at work where sometimes slippery and also where my coworker fell and hurt himself a couple months ago. i went to hospital my back hurt as usual but i felt ok with the baby . while there i was having contractions they discovered so i was admitted and discharged the next day
week later I was having contractions again so I went to the hospital where I was admitted adn tehy calmed down my contractiongs again
if metlife denies my disability can i sue my company ? ever since my fall been to hospital twice wtih contractions and admitted. also my back is worse since fall

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If you suffered a workplace injury, you can file a workers compensation claim petition. This may entitle you to a number of benefits including, medical treatment, temporary disability and/or permanent disability. Even if you suffered from a bad back prior to your workplace injury, you may still be able to recover such benefits.

These cases are very fact-sensitive. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me. Good luck.


You need to contact a Workers Compensation attorney as soon as possible. Based on your description of how the injury occurred you likely have a right to workers compensation benefits. You can find a local attorney by clicking on the "Find Attorney" tab.


Good afternoon.

If you fell on company property, it is very possible that you have a workers' compensation case. I advise you to report this as a workers' compensation injury/accident to Human Resources as quickly as possible. HR should report it to the workers' compensation ins. co. They will check out the facts, and decide whether they will accept your injury as work-related.
If they do, you will receive benefits.

It is important to report this injury as work-related within 90 days or you will lose your right to assert a workers' compensation claim.

If your employer and/or wc insurance company deny your cliam, you should consult an attorney. The attorney may disagree, and it is possible that the attorney could bring a successful claim for you. This means that you could receive medical treatment for the injuries you suffered because of this accident, money if you lose time from work because of this accident, and a settlement once you have finished treatment.

Even if you had a prior injury it does not mean that you lose any rights you have when you re-injure that same part of your body. I urge you to contact an attorney to discuss this.

Good luck.