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Can I sue my childs school for letting her fall in the Bathroom @ 3yrs. Old and having to get 2 stitches by the eye?

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She was coming out the stall walking to the sink slipped and fell that's wat the teacher says my Daughter say different.

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Most government facilities enjoy immunity from suit and a short statute of limitations. You should discuss the specifics of your case with a local personal injury attorney immediately.

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Perhaps, but you would want to retain a lawyer in your state to investigate whether there was negligence and whether you can get around the school immunity statutes most states have.


Negligence would have to be proven, and any school immunity statute problem would need to be overcome, thus, call a personal injury lawyer in your state asap. Good luck.

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possibly. i would contact a local attorney to discuss your options.


Depends. Note if its a private or charter school these immunities probably won't apply. The claim viability is going to be largely fact dependent. Your best bet is to contact an attorney to discuss.

Good luck.

Timothy Leo Bowden

Timothy Leo Bowden


I completely agree with my colleague. Tim

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