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Can i sue my boss for giving away personal information to other co workers

Pittsburgh, PA |

I told my boss about personal information going on in my life and he told some of my co workers without any of my permission.

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Can you sue? Absolutely.

Will you win? Doubt it.

No duty to keep your personal information in your life a secret--it may be bad form, poor managerial skills, or a violation of some company rule--but there is no employer-employee confidentiality privilige like attorney-client or doctor-patient.

No damages or harm claimed.

I don't see a tort or contractual issue either.

That said, I am NOT a PA lawyer. Have a chat with a PA employment attorney just to put your mind at ease. Best of luck to you.

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There is no confidentiality between an employer and employee unless it is spelled out in a contract. If the information was false or misleading you may have a cause of action.


Based on your facts you would probably not be successful in a suit against your employer for giving out what you consider personal information. Your behavioral issues are not covered under the confidential records provisions governing a persons personnel file. short of showing actual damage from his loose lips it really looks like you do not have a case worth pursuing