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Can I sue my apartment complex if they prevent me from purchasing a home?

Richmond, VA |

My former apartment complex gave me a bad reference and it may stop me from closing on my home. I have never been late on rent. They claim I owe 1700 dollars for damages done to the apartment when I moved. I would just pay the charge but the collection department for the apartment has no record of the bill because the apartment complex hasn't submitted the bill to collections department. What can I do?

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Doubt it, at least not on the facts you reported. The LL did not prevent you from purchasing a home--your overall record was not sufficient to overcome whatever it was that the LL reported.

If you did damage that you admit to (and in your post you seem to agree that you did do damage), and still owe the LL $1700, were you expecting they were going to provide you a good reference?

Recommend you work with the LL to clear up the bill and then reapply with a different mortgage company.

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I expected a good reference because I had paid my rent on time and did not damage the apartment. Even though the charges are bogus I would still pay it just so I can still purchase the home.

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III


No. You should sit down with an attorney in you area, review all the facts, that attorney can assess whether you have any grounds to sue the LL, or whether you need to negotiate with LL, or whether you need to pay up. Its a document review combined with your facts that 'light the legal road"--this kind of a forum only gets you headed in the right direction.

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