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Can I sue Macy's for ruining my credit? Or at least fix my credit?

Oakland, CA |

I have a Macy's credit card and over the past several months I had questions regarding the card terms and payment requirements. I contacted them several times, spent several hours, and always ended up speaking with supervisors because the regular employees had trouble with English and had no idea what they were doing. However, information that I received from everyone there, including supervisors turned out to be false -- they were also "changing systems" as well so that the online service did not post or update accurate information. All this was a huge headache and the questions I had for them, quite basic in fact, were not even listed in the card terms. I ended up missing payments despite constant reassurance from their employees. What can I do to fix this?

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Your ability to sue a creditor for incorrect reporting is controlled by federal law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act and by any applicable state laws. I am posting a link to this law for you to review for yourself. Unless you are very familiar with the requirements set forth by law, it is unlikely that you would have fully complied with the required procedure to have a good chance of winning with a lawsuit. The other problem you may face is that "a huge headache" isn't specific enough to recover money damages from a creditors. If you can find a local consumer attorney to take your case, your prospects will be much improved. Hope this perspective helps!


I agree with my colleagues. You need to consult with a local consumer protection attorney, familiar with FCRA issues.

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