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Can I sue him for emotional distress

Irvine, CA |

I was with my significant other for 14 years before i left him 2 years ago bcuz of domestic violence . we have 6 yr old twin girls together . I had a restraining order that prevented him to come within 500 ft of my house , car and kids and myself of coarse . it eventually became a restraining order for just me , my house , and car . he has broken it several times . He has been arrested for breaking it several times . He has put a gps in my car on numerous occasions , shown up at different functions that i was attending only to take my picture . He has tried running me off the road , broken into my home , stolen from me , he has even stollen my car parked it ten blocks away and left drugs and paraphernalia on the passengers seat on top of my daughters sweater . i have police reports for all of this . we ha

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You can sue anyone, anytime, for just about anything. But there are many things you have to consider, so I strongly suggest meeting with an attorney to review all of the facts before you do so since if its considered a frivolous lawsuit you may end up paying for your ex' attorney. Many respectable attorneys provide a free consultation. My advice would be to meet with on soon before any statute of limitations run out.

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You may want to renew the restraining order if this is still happening.

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