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Can I sue her, add to the counter claim or show the court in the two civil matters that she lies and is vindictive and hurtful?

Woodbury, NJ |

I did some handyman work for a coworker and she is suing me for half of the 400.00 that she paid me so far for laying the cement sub floor and tiling her kitchen floor (16" porcelain) saying her back splash was included. and another docket for 128.00 in tools and materials she claims were not discussed prior. This plaintiff against me in a upcoming small claims civil matter that works at the same hospital as I, told a nurse I am doing handyman work for lies that I stole money from her house and I am untrustworthy., My blood pressure was 160/110 at work when the nurse told me, this is causing me much stress. I filed a formal complaint with HR because this is harassment. She is affecting my job as a security guard and trying to destroy work relationships .

This truth is this was a verbal agreement of 450.00 for the floor. with her intentions to do the back splash eventually.Then, I received this text from her that Outraged me after I did for her. ON the 13th of June two weeks after she had all receipts. "if you don't want to finish it I can try and find someone else to do it but I would need part of the $400 back since that was for both floor and backs plash. it doesn't matter to me" I told her she was crazy and selfish and the most spiritually blind person I met, she said I will see you in court. Boy was I right!!! WOW, a summons claiming credit card fraud, 2 civil cases pending, now she lies to co workers...Someone Please HELP...I am an honorable Iraq war Vet, Father of three beautiful children , I have no criminal record, Why would I throw this away for her outrageous claims of fraud. She goes to the courthouse every Thursday for hearings involving patient involuntary admissions...How convenient that resource has to be for her???

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What you want and what you can accomplish at a trial depends on the evidence, the judge, the opponent, the trier of facts and about ten other variables.

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