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Can I sue for false advertisement?

Woodstock, GA |

The commercials for this company deceived me to sign up for this company but yet when you get the service its not really your credit score that you're getting but instead a "PLUS" score that isn't your real credit score "UNLESS" you purchase a plan from Experian or other credit companies. I believe that this is misleading to get consumers to get this service but its not what the service is.

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As we always say, you can sue anyone for anything. That does not mean you have any chance of winning and all you may be doing is wasting your time and money. At worst, you may be liable for their attorney fees.

That said, you really have no case at all. The ads do not claim that this is a "real" credit score (which I assume you mean FICO). The SCORE is a credit score, so you lose pretty much out of the gate.

I loathe the ads and would never sign up with them, but those ads are legally deceptive, at least on their face.

This answer is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice regarding your question and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Robert John Murillo

Robert John Murillo


Oops the ads are "not" legally deceptive ....

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