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Can I sue for the stress my former employer caused me?

Minneapolis, MN |

A manager at a former company decided to violate U.S. law. When I reported this up my management chain via email, I was verbally chastized by my vice president for reporting illegal behavior via email. I eventually resigned in protest because they put my name on a fraudulent regulatory filing with the U.S. government against my specific request to not be included. Part of the reason I resigned in protest was also because of safety concerns with the product I was designing and testing. My concerns were ignored, but my specific concerns were exactly the cause of a recent death of a customer. I haven't been healthy since I went to work for my former employer and feel terrible that my concerns were ignored.

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You may be able to file a complaint based on retaliation under a Whistleblower protection, depending on which federal law you reported as violated. Speak with a local employment attorney with experience in this area about the specific details of your employment and resignation. You can search for an attorney on Avvo.

This answer is provided for guidance only. DO NOT rely on it as legal advice. We DO NOT have an attorney-client relationship. You should contact an attorney in your area for a one-on-one consultation before pursuing any action or making any decisions.


The facts in you question appear to potentially create a claim under Minnesota Statutes Section 181.932 [Minnesota Whistleblower law]. Under that law, if you win you you may recover any and all actual damages [including the potential emotional distress claims] as well as the attorneys fees and costs incurred.

You should contact a Minnesota attorney to determine whether you have a claim and, if you have a claim, your probability of success,

This is not intended to be legal advice, the information on this website is solely provided to you as a public service. Furthermore, any and all information and responses provided on this website that is in response to information provided by you on this website is based, in great part, upon the accuracy of the information provided by you, the user. If you believe, for whatever reason that you might have a claim against your employer, there is only one way to know for certain: You are strongly encouraged to immediately consult a lawyer.

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