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Can i sue for the depo provera shot ruining my life?

Huntington, WV |

every since i started my period at 13 i had regular periods every month. i got the shot at 18 and it caused me to have no periods and extreme weight gain. due the weight gain i quit taking it. i gained 60lbs in less than a year. i now have stretch marks all over my body which im really depressed over so my doctor prescribed me Prozac. before the shot i had a perfect body. and after i quit the shot i still had irregular periods maybe 1 period every 3 months this worried me so i started researching about the shot and found out thousands of woman were diagnosed with PCOS after being on depo shot. so went to the doc and now 22 just got diagnosed with pcos. i cant get pregnant! i know for a fact that this shot has caused me PCOS. it has ruined my life. this shot should be banned!

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google for depo provera lawsuits, and you should come up with firms handling such cases. See if any are in your state.


There are firms that handle that specific issue. Google it. Best of luck.

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Potentially. Consult with a lawyer handling these types of cases. If you cannot easily connect with such a lawyer, I would suggest that you consult with a local personal injury lawyer. A local personal injury lawyer will have a much better chance of helping you connect with a lawyer/law firm who is truly specializing in these types of cases. I hope this helps. Good luck.


Consult an attorney who handles these types of claims. Best of luck.

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A tiny handful of lawyers handle these cases, so Google Depo Provera Lawyer to find them.