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Can I sue for serious side effects of using the Depo-Provera that have caused me to loose jobs, hospitalization, and much more?

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I started using the depo in 2002 roughly.i did not have any mental health issues prior. in 2007 i had to start being medicated for continued to get worse. to the point in 2010 i was having panic attacks, attempted suicide, doctors tried all kinds of anti-depressants nothing helped. Finally i was told i had to file for SSI/SSD because nothing was helping. All my doctors were aware I was using the depo-provera. NONE ever suggested that it could be causing the problems. December 2011 I stopped all medications except the depo. March 2012 I stopped the depo. within 3 weeks my issues started to lessen. I couldn't hold a job, was denied SSI/SSD, had to file Bankruptcy. because of this, I have lost everything, including my marriage because it turned me into a lunatic.

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There are some law firms that handle these depo provera cases. Simply google depo provera lawsuit, and you will find a list of firms that could potentially help you. Good luck to you.

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There are many firms that are investigating Depo-Provera claims. You should either contact a personal injury law firm and see if they are reviewing them. if they ar enot, I am sure they can refer you to someone who can address your concerns.
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Use google to find a law firm that handles depo-provera lawsuits. These are very specialized law firms because of the cost and complexity of products liability law.


I was involved in Depo Provera litigation a number of years ago. Those cases however involved the change tot he warning label regarding long term usage and its link to osteoprosis. I am not aware of anyone who is handling cases involving the problems that you describe, nor do I know of any studies that link what you describe to the Depo Provera injections. But I have heard many others make similar complaints from those who have contacted me over the years regarding this medication.

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