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Can I sue for Privacy concers or invasion for social networks?

Meridian, MS |

One of my facebook friends printed a post out of a post I made on facebook and gave it to my supervisor. the post was had a privacy control of friends only on it. My supervisor which i had blocked on facebook submitted this to human resources. can i sue for privacy invasion?

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The short answer is probably "No." There was no "invasion" of your privacy. You put your post out there for all your friends to see. The only thing this person is guilty of is being a terrible friend.

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You consented to review of your postings by your friend. However, your friend had no right to make a copy of your posting and provide it to your supervisor. In so doing, your friend may have technically engaged in copyright infringement----but you can't bring a copyright infringement claim unless you registered your original work with the copyright office. Since I doubt that you registered your Facebook posting, you probably can't sue your friend for copyright infringement. You might also be able to sue your friend for intentional interference with contractual relations if you can show that he intended to harm your employment relationship by providing the photograph to your supervisor. In truth, however, when you decided to put your posting on Facebook, you gave up most of your privacy rights in the posting and it will be hard for you to do much about this (other than "unfriend" this friend).


I don't think you have much of a case unless your FB friend specifically signed a non disclosure agreement with you.

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