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Can I sue for police slander and harassment for labeling me a gang member

Muskogee, OK |

im not in a gang and have never been in a gang i have a clean record i was in the back seat of a friends car and we got pulled over ok what ever then am pulled out of the car searched and was told i was a gang member made me sign some papers and took my picture like 3 of them

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Attorney answers 3


No. Defamation requires publication to a 3rd party (not you).


You need consult with an attorney in your area. If you go to my website and send me an email, I can send you the email address of an attorney that is in Muskogee, who I think would likely be ideal for you to consult with. Because your question is fairly fact specific, there is a chance that prosecutors or other interested parties may come across your question online. Be careful not to post anything else online about this situation.


It is not defamation, even if incorrect, if the police said it to you rather than a 3rd party. However, it might be very prudent of you to speak to a criminal defense attorney right away.