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Can I sue for pain and suffering caused by sepsis from a Physician's Assistant who lanced a boil and caused me to go into labor

Vancouver, WA |

I was 37 weeks pregnant, had a boil lanced by a PA, I had a feeling something wasnt normal because she cut into me twice, the second cut I could feel it. Not a hour after I left the clinic I began to experience shivering uncontrollaby, vomiting, called my emergency OBGYN, they had me come in, I was weak, and my body felt like I was dying inside, my blood pressure shot up to over 200, I imediately began having contractions. My obgyn let me know I was septic, and it was from the boil being lanced wrong. I was put under to deliver my baby by emergency C section. I was on consistant antibiotics by IV for days, thank god my daughter and I made it out alive. I tried contacting the clinic, I emailed the clinic, and they sent a random letter in the mail from a claims adjuster who was very rude.

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It sure sounds like you may have a claim. However, even if you and I both thnk you have a claim, it won't matter unless there is a credible medical expert who agrees. This is not something you can handle your self. You need to contact a local lawyer who handles medical negligence claims and you need to do it now. Do not respond to the claims adjuster, let your lawyer do that. Contact the lawyer not later than tomorrow.
Best of luck!

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You can, but this will be a challenging case for a lawyer to handle on a contingency-fee basis. You can always file a complaint with the Washington State Department of Health, which licenses Physician Assistants in your state.


Fortunately you and your baby are alright. You can file a suit but you description suggests that you have very little injury. This makes it difficult to pursue a case because of the cost to hire the required experts. Nevertheless check with a med malpractice lawyer to review all the facts.


The costs may exceed the recovery, but have a local malpractice lawyer investigate.


In order to sue for pain and suffering, you will need a lawyer to represent you. You should consult with a medical malpractice lawyer and find out your options.

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