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Can i sue for my expenses and lost of wages.

Detroit, MI |

My ex file criminal harassment case against me and there was arrest warant pending since 2006 which I came to know couple months back when I was crossing the border. So I went myself to the police and got arrested. Now the crown has with drawn all the charges with out any explanation. Can I sue my ex for the expenses and loss of wages i incurred.

Thank you

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The fact that the charges were dismissed does not necesarily mean you can prevail in a civil lawsuit. I assume you would wish to sue for defamation claiming that a false statement was made and, as a result, you were damaged. The difficulties with such a suit are many:

(1) First, if you do sue, you can be deposed or may have to testify. If the allegations relate to a potential criminal event, you could be risking incriminating yourself where new charges would be filed;

(2) Second, if you siue, proving that a statement made was intentionally false and not simply wrong, is not easy. Moreover, charges may be dimissed for any number fo reasons;

(3) Finally, it would likely cost more to sue it out then the amount you are likely to recover.


I notice that you mentioned "the crown has with drawn all the charges", are you from Canada? Did this matter occur in Canada? If so it would be difficult for a Michigan attorney to advise you regarding your rights and remedies in Canada. This is a matter that you should discuss with a Canadian lawyer.