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Can I sue for medical negligence?

Macon, GA |

Medical negligence at the Medical Center of Central Georgia. I went into the hospital 8/7/12 for signs of preterm labor. I was 33 weeks and 4 days along; and was admitted upon assessment. I was catheterized upon arrival to my room. After Catheterization I complained of continuous pain and that in fact my membranes had ruptured. I stood out of bed from the agonizing pain as the fluid leaked onto the floor. The nurse walked back in and ordered me to get back into bed. I again voiced that my "water broke" she looked at the fluid on the floor helped me back into bed and asked for the assistance of another nurse; They both looked at the fluid on the floor and finally wiped it up with a towel and put it into a hamper; I was never examined. I was never swabbed to check for amniotic fluid. The doctor was never called about my concerns. I went onto labor until 8 am. The doctor arrived at 7 am and the nurse shift change and it was then I told the next nurse my water had broke and was finally swabbed which indicated the membrane had ruptured. I was rushed into OR and delivered my premature twin infants. My pregnancy was high risk due to my previous pulmonary embolism and it was not treated as such. My labor was prolonged and my cesarean was delayed due to medical negligence.

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Whether you can do anything about this in a lawsuit will depend on whether the twins are okay. Hopefully, they are fine and you don't need to worry about them. It is much better to have healthy kiddos than a good lawsuit. If they suffered injury from low oxygen that would be another matter. So, keep asking questions and talking to the neonatologists and pediatricians to stay on top of their condition. If they have suffered an injury then be sure and contact an experienced birth injury lawyer to investigate and see if a lawsuit is necessary or feasible. On another note, since your kiddos were born at 33 weeks they will need eye exams by a competent pediatric ophthalmologist to see if they are developing an eye condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity. You may have received written information such as a brochure already. Be sure to ask who is doing the exams, when, and what the follow-up exam schedule is going to be. Be sure to ask details about the findings at each exam and if they require treatment [some do and some do not]. If you stay on top of this and ask questions the staff will be more diligent about assuring the exams and any treatments are done on time.

Good luck to you and your kiddos.

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It certainly sounds like you were treated very callously. However, in order to bring a claim you must prove that the care was not only below the standard of care but also that the substandard care caused permanent damages. If you have no permanent damages and your baby is okay then you would likely spend more than you could recover. I am truly sorry for your experience. For more specific advice call a local attorney.


You do not indicate whether there was any injuries to you or the babies as a result of your treatment. Fortunately, if everyone is fine, you would not have a viable claim.


If there were damages, a local malpractice lawyer can investigate

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