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Can I sue for loss of employment?

Lansing, MI |

I went through Kelly services and filled out application and signed for background check at that time..which was in early march. They then sent me out for an interview I got the job had a start date of April 9th. They then did my backround check and told me that I had a NSF check that needed to be cleared up, I went to court got it taken care of took Kelly my paper work that Friday April 6th right after court, they then told me they wanted it completely off my record which the judge wouldn't do. I had sat on my other job a week therefore only gave my job a weeks notice and by Friday I was already done with my previous employer. I feel that they should have done all this before I even went to an interview. Is there anything I can do?

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No. You have no right or guarantee to a job through a temp agency. Plus, it is not the agency's fault that you had a criminal record, which is often an impediment to employment.

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Unfortunately, as an at-will-employee, you have no recourse under these circumstances, unless you can show that Kelly treated you differently from other similarly-situated applicants by drawing out the NSF issue and doing so as a consequence of your membership in a protected group, i.e. age, race, gender, etc.