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Can I sue for hostile work environment; due to constant bullying and sexual harassment?

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I worked at a sizable company and was constantly bullied (e.g. back-handed remarks, out right insulting me), sexually harassed (through gossiping which I over heard). I told my supervisors and high-ups (multiple times) and they did nothing about it. I was even called in by a supervisor under false pretense, just to make fun off me. New employees were told lies about me, which made me uncomfortable when I had to work with them. It intensified to a point where I had to seek professional help. I latter found out that my computer was hacked, and my identity stolen for the purposes of slander, libel, public disclosure of private facts and general defamation (my co-worker told me that other employees of the business were involved.) I had to quit, because I couldn't function at work

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It sounds like you have several possible claims including constructive discharge (essentially an involuntary termination based on conditions being so bad you could not continue), sexual harassment, and defamation to start. You need to consult with an employment lawyer to share all of the details and then the lawyer can take action on your behalf. Do not wait as there are time limitations for these actions.


You should consult a lawyer to find out.


Depending on the content of the remarks, etc., you could have a claim for discrimination/harassment. There is a workplace bullying bill currently in the legislature, but it has not become law yet. Because you left your job rather than being fired, you would also need to so that you were constructively discharged. It would be advisable to consult with an employment attorney, as there are short time frames in which these types of claims can be brought.

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