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Can I sue for having permanent scars that I received at my job?

Atlanta, GA |

I was burned at my job on 3 different occasions and I have permanent scars on my forearm and knuckle because of those burns. They made me stick my hand/arm in an oven and wouldn't provide me with oven mitts, even though I had asked for the mitts so that I would not get burned. I am devastated that my arm looks the way it looks now. What can I do?

I should also mention that these burns still itch really bad, and they are also sensitive to heat and cold (washing hands, showers, etc.)

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It will likely be difficult to prevail under workers' compensation based solely on the scars. If the scars impact your ability to perform your job or the wages you can earn, maybe you could successfully bring a claim, but that does not appear to be the case. If you previously brought a claim for your prior burns or if you contend that you need medical treatment for the scars, you may be able to successfully pursue a claim. Again, this could be a difficult claim to win. Scars alone are not grounds for a workers' compensation claim. You should contact a workers' compensation attorney and provide more details regarding your prior injuries and current situation. I offer a free consultation and will be glad to speak with you. Feel free to give me a call or email me.


B. Shawn Rhodes
Powers and Rhodes


Scarring alone will not entitle you to workers' compensation benefits. There is no compensation for pain, suffering, or embarrasement in Ga workers'' compensation. However, if the scars limit you physically, you can ask for additional treatment and possibly for an impairment rating. You may also be able to show psychological injuries from the scarring and seek benefits that way. You shold consult an experienced attorney to determine whether either scenario applies to your case. If you have any questions, let me know.

Betti Rosszer
Klob Law Firm


You should talk to a workers compensation attorney as soon as possible. In my state you can recover for the scars but also in some circumdstances can get a perm impairment ratinf under the ama guide for skin that needs to avoid the sun or is in need of follow up care like gels to prevent it from worsening. A work comp attorney in your state will know if there is something similar there and will be able to tell you if your injury might qualify


There is no compensaton for disfigurement in GA. But as the other counsel here have noted if the scars limit you physically you may be able to have them pay for some revision.