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Can I sue for full ownership of the car?

Woodridge, IL |

My ex partner and I co signed a car back in 2011 in Missouri . Both of our names are on the title and it's my name AND his name . I am the only one who is paying for it the whole time , including taxes and registration fees . We parted our ways later and it was a nasty break up . I refinanced the car later on my own name and got a significant drop for the interest rate . But my ex refused to sign off his name and of course I did not get the new refinanced rate . In the mean time my ex partner tried to take the car quite a few times behind my back . Basically what he was trying to do is that he refuses to pay for the car but wants possession of it . He also threatens to damage the car because he says he is an owner and he can do whatever he wants to it . Can I sue him for full ownership , in Illinois

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Well, he can't damage it, since you have a stake in the ownership of the vehicle. If you have reason to believe that he is damaging the car (keying it, etc) I would recommend contacting the police. The best plan is to try to agree to sell the car and split the proceeds. If the two of you don't get along, you won't want to be splitting a car. Assuming this isn't a Bentley, you won't want to get into a legal argument with him. Just come to an agreement (even if you have to give him more than what he paid for the car). Get him to agree to sign off on the sale and be done with guy.


This can be a common problem when there are cosigners. The easiest solution would be to buy him out and have him voluntarily sign over his interest in the car so you can register it in your name only. If he is not willing to do this for a reasonable amount then the two of you should agree to sell the car and split the proceeds. Your third option would be filing suit against him but as another attorney said, unless this is a valuable car this might be cost prohibitive.

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