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Can I sue for defamation of character?

Baltimore, MD |

I received a letter from the rental office that I have been banned from the pool for 1 month due to smoking, bringing open bottles of booze and using vulgar language & NONE of this is true! Our community has a small pool & long story short not everyone likes each other & lies have been told to the leasing office about me which & not given a chance to defend myself. It was as if what the other "individuals" were saying was the gospel & I had no say, warning or opportunity to defend myself. A few of us received the exact same notice so I am guilty by association. The property manager won't listen to anything that I have to say or my neighbors who are defending me & even the pool management company has not had 1 complaint about me. What can I do to stop the malicious slander?

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You can consult with an attorney who handles defamation matters, most take a $5K retainer up front to pursue these issues in my experience, so weight whether the cost outweighs the benefit - good luck.

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Consult with an attorney who is experienced in defamation and privacy law. I agree with the previous answer, the cost of retaining an attorney to press a claim against those who are publishing false information about you when measured against what you could recover is probably too high. In any event, you should address the situation in writing to your property management company denying the claims and pointing out that pool use is a part of your rent, and that it is wrong for the manager to bar you from the pool based on unsubstantiated complaints. Good luck.


Defamation lawyers are very expensive, and without sustaining a monetary loss, you would likely pay the lawyer thousands more than you would recover, but it's your dime...

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