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Can I sue for defamation ?

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A year ago I signed up for a free game account on face book and played it quite often during the last year because it requires continues updates . In January my game got disconnected and a screen appeared that said " Your game account has been suspended - Cheating is not tolerated " . I contacted the Company through their support system to let them know that I am not using cheat software . The response was that they have firm evidence that cheats were used and they will not reopen the account . Because they also stopped answering further questions I had to go through the BBB to ask for proof for their accusation which they can't provide . All my game and BF friends know now that I got suspended for cheating , It insults me and unless reversed my friends will have to assume that I did cheat .

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Here's a link to CA defamation law. You would have to show a couple of things to even get an attorney interested - first, what are your damages. You might be embarrassed that some buddies think you cheated at a game, but is that going to sway a jury to award big money? Secondly, you have to show the company was at least negligent (i.e., a "reasonable" company would not have done the same thing with the same information) in what it did. I can't imagine there is much of a suit here.

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I agree with Mr. Sarangi. Additionally, a defamation action requires a false statement of fact, rather than opinion. The company's statement that you have been cheating may be interpreted as an opinion. It may be similar to a referee's discretionary calls in football; for example, pass-interference calls are not reviewable because they pertain to questions of the ref's judgment, or opinion.

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So, how did all your friends find out that your account was suspended for this reason? FB notified you; who did you tell? Defamation requires publishing a false statement to third parties (among other legal showings). Publishing to the person who feels defamed is not sufficient publication for a defamation cause of action.

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How did my friends find out. Well, they asked me and I told them the truth. Am I suppose to lie to my friends to protect the guys that actually insulted me?

Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall


No, of course you were not required to lie, but there is no possible defamation claim against FB in the absence of FB having published an accusation against you to 3rd parties.You were within your rights to tell your friends, but that doesn't give you any claims against FB.


For a defamation suit, needs to be publication to third party.

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