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Can I sue for back pay and emotional trauma? My employer worked me off the clock for 5 years. Reward of promotion then didn't.

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My company is huge. I have very serious arthritis. I'm 47 years old. Started this at age 42. First being bullied then after complaining to EEOC, changed to I would get promoted if I got my employer promoted. Well over 100k worth of off the clock work but now that he is promoted and gone, it is forgotten about and he told me that it was just a management technique he used to get himself promoted. He is 17 years younger than me. Now, I am emotionally a mess. I have complained with H.R. 5 weeks ago and they aren't doing anything. They are protecting the people that are their friends and dragging this out until it is forgotten. I think they are trying to label me as crazy. I have witnesses. Also video. Lots more to this including me being set up and I'm able to prove it. I have many emails too

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I won't address the unpaid labor dispute as that isn't an area of the law where I'm familiar.

As far as what your former supervisor said to you, it doesn't sound like there's a case for any misconduct. The "promises" lack specificity necessary to support reliance. You should speak with an attorney directly and explain the story in its entirety.

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You would almost certainly have a viable overtime claim under the FLSA.


If you are due unpaid wages in AZ, you can receive an award of triple damages on the unpaid wages by statute. You need to see a lawyer.