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Can i sue for an epidural experience that went wrong 6 yrs ago? at first it was only back pain now it's numbness in my toes legs

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It was during childbirth and the Dr. pushed really hard on my lower back when giving me the epidural..i have had other children so i knew something was wrong i am not able to lay on my stomach even when i sleep, and presently i am experiencing numbness in my toes and leg pain...i never wanted to pursue anything but i fear the older i get my condition will worsen

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It is probably too late at this point.


Based on the very sparse facts set forth, unlikely. There is a three (3) year statute of limitations on personal injury actions (3 years from date if incident which caused injury) and it sounds like you knew within that three year period that you had sustained an injury, but chose not to take any action. If so, any action is now barred because more than three years have passed.

Best wishes.

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Not sure why you waited so long...


You only have three years from when you knew you were harmed by a medical mistake to sue or you are time-barred.

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