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Can I sue Financial Aid office at my college for the office failure?

New York, NY |

Even though I submitted all the necessary paperwork for Student Loan (E-Fap, MPN, Entrance Counceling), my loan was never created by Financial Aid office at my college and was never sent to the Federal Government. As a result I am not receiving $12,500 loan. I have a 5 weeks daughter at home and an unemployed wife. The well-being of my child depends on that money that I was legally entitled to.
Assistant Director at my college`s Fin Aid office verbally admitted to me that I was a victim of their OFFICE`S FAILURE.

Can I press charges against the office? What are my chances of winning and what can I possibly get?

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Attorney answers 1


I think that a "student loan" is different from a "personal loan" so in all likelihood you will not succeed in a civil suit. You mentioned nothing about how your education is negatively impacted by the oversight. But most importantly it seems like it was an honest mistake so there's not much that you would recover even under the best of circumstances.

As we don't know enough about your case, you should not consider my answer to be legal advice. You would need to consult with an attorney at length and include details about what has occurred in order to adequately assess your criminal exposure. Also, I am licensed in the state of New York only. If this is a federal case, provided more information were given, we could give you a better idea of the sentencing range. If it is state only, you will need an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction to address this.



What do you mean by "honest mistake" and why it reduces my chances on justice? In this case I entrusted my school`s FinAid office to perform a job of a middleman between me and the Fed. They failed to do it. I lost a loan on very good terms. Why I would not succeed?