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Can I sue Fedex for punitive damages? I recently moved back to Los Angeles from Porland, OR and shipped 13 boxes via FEDEX.

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6 of the 13 boxes arrived with HUGE gaping holes in them. (I have pics that would blow your mind!) Since I didn't inventory every single item I packed in these boxes & none of the obvious stuff is either missing or broken (so far as I can tell NOW) I can't put in a damage or loss complaint. The damage is so egregious that I'm pursuing getting ALL the shipping costs refunded (almost $400), but I have NO WAY of knowing if my stuff was falling out (or stolen) out of these huge holes the entire trip or if, as they say, the boxes were intact when they reached the station & the driver/delivery guy mangled them & "there was nothing in his truck". (The manager who swears to this was fired so I have no way of checking.) I want to sue for gross negligence & punitive damages in small claims court.

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Based on the information you have provided, you cannot sue FedEx for punitive damages. In fact, based on your post, it sounds like you have not even suffered any kind of damages (hence, the reason you can't put in a damage or loss complaint).

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Punitive damages are not easy to plead and prove in California. You have to show that someone acted with malice, oppression, or fraud. There are legal definitions of these terms, but what they basically boil down to is that someone either deliberately, intentionally did something to harm another or violate their rights, or acted with conscious disregard for that person's safety and/or rights. It's even harder to prove punitive damages against a corporation, because you have to show that the corporation, through an officer, director, or managing agent, ratified or authorized the egregious conduct. You should consult a local attorney with the specifics of your situation; damaged boxes may not rise to the necessary level of egregiousness to warrant punitive damages.

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Can you sue them? Yes. Will you win? I am not a CA lawyer but based on what you have provided it does not appear you have suffered any loss. So any damages, let alone punitive damages, are going to be hard to recover.


If I am reading your post properly you are considering suing because of holes in your packaging. No identifiable losses or damages.

Yes, you can sue. No, you will not prevail.

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