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Can I sue fafsa for choosing me for verification three times in a row?

New York, NY |

I have been going to Pace University for three years now and all three years I am chosen for verification. I believe the process can not be random if I am chosen three times in a row.

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This is not grounds for a lawsuit.

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I agree with Christine. I suppose it could possibly be grounds for a lawsuit, but the possibility is exceedingly remote. As a hypothetical, if you could somehow show you were selected for verification based on your race or gender, perhaps you might have better luck with a suit. However, the mere fact you have been selected for verification three years in a row is unlikely to be grounds for a suit.

I don't know how fafsa verifications are selected (e.g. the statistics and probabilities involved), but it does seem unusual/unlucky/annoying for you to have been selected three times in a row. However, not every unlucky or annoying thing that occurs is grounds for a lawsuit. For better or worse, lawsuits have to be based on some type of cognizable right. What you've described doesn't rise to that level. Sorry.


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