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Can I sue employer if my supervisor plants info that gets me fired?

Wilmer, TX |

My supervisor is attempting to force me to allow another manager access to my properties computer program without me being present. I have not allowed her access as I feel it is a security issue and have voiced my concerns to both my supervisor and the other manager. I also have information that leads me to believe that the other manager, who's boyfriend is a cop, is either wearing a wire or using some other transmitting device while shes in my office. I don't know the reason for the wire but feel that my supervisor has stated untrue things to other employees in an attempt to make them believe whatever stories she is fabricating about me. She has been making this other mgr ask me for access to my computer but I am still refusing.

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If you are perceiving even some of these facts correctly, this sounds like a potentially explosive situation, with a lot of risk for you in a lot of different departments -- your career, possible criminal exposure, and potential interpersonal liability. You would be well advised to speak to an attorney with experience in employment law in your area as soon as possible.