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Can I sue cps for intental emotional distress cause to my son and myself? And where do I start?

Frazier Park, CA |

Cps took my child on claim against my babysitter which was proven false about a wk later. Cps put my child on meds without my knowledge. They have made me feel like I'm a hardcore crimanal. In the 3 1/2 yrs since it began. They got temp custody to my son's drug using,abusive dad,my son has had two mental breakdowns while in his care. They only let me have maybe 15 supervised phone call. Hasn't let me see my son in almost yr. cps said they will never close my case intill there is no way I could get any more visitation than I have now. They have done a lot more but I'm limited on space here. So please email me at and I will be happy to go into more detail

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This is a general question and answer forum, you would need to consult an attorney face to face to answer all your questions.


As Ms. Holton suggested, the type of answers you can get on a forum such as this are limited, especially given the complex nature of your post, so you should definitely consult with an attorney. Use the Find a Lawyer tab to find one in your area. That said, you should also be aware that governmental agencies and employees in California have a lot of different immunities that could apply to your situation, especially the immunity for discretionary acts when exercising authority vested in the employee. Also, there is a requirement that a claim be filed within six months of the incident giving rise to the claim, and this is a mandatory prerequisite to filing a lawsuit against a public agency in California. So, you need to consult with an attorney who can analyze your situation and determine if you have a case that can be pursued, as well as help you through the claims process. Best of luck to you...

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I suggest you look for attorneys here who do personal injury. If you contact me then I can refer you to someone else who does this kind of litigation.

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