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Can i sue company for taking away my computer w/o any notify?

Irvine, CA |

the day after i gave 2weeks notice to the company, next morning i saw my computer has been taking away & locked. i can't get access to my email or my files. can't even let me talk to my customer or say good by to them. now im just sitting in the office doing nothing but just web searching with old company laptop which doesnt even have access to company files or nothing.

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This is not a sound ground for any legal action against your employer. You are on your employer's time, at your employer's location, using your employer's equipment. You don't have any enforceable rights of access. You may want to offer your employer the opportunity to wrap up your employment period early. It does not sound as if the 2-week notice is necessary or appreciated.

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Since the company owns the computer they can legally take it away from you and prohibit you from accessing their network. And as long as they continue paying you while you are in the office, even if you are doing nothing, then there is no unpaid wage issue either.


While I do not practice law in CA, I nevertheless agree with Attorneys McCall and Fernandes. Inasmuch as your talents are not being utilized during this notice period I too would encourage you to approach your employer and respectfully request that they pay you in lieu of the notice. If they refuse your request and instead tell you “there’s the door …don’t let it hit you on the way out” they will likely have turned an otherwise “voluntary quit” into a lay-off lack of work and you will be able to collect U.C. benefits until you start your new job. Good luck and best regards, Rob Fortgang Employment Law Attorneys servicing Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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