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Can I sue an ex-employee for firing me after creating a hostile environment?

Ossining, NY |

I was working flex time to care for my disabled child, which became a source of constant angst and verbal abuse from my boss' secretary and constant prying questions and criticism from my boss. To be clear, I did make mistakes - the situation led to avoidance since it was torture to be at work. But nonetheless my boss gave me a written warning for working at home on Yom Kippur and harassed me constantly about my personal situation and my issues with my kids and how difficult it is dealing with me. He criticized everything I did and his secretary practically stalked me, constantly glaring and stomping around me. They are a big bank and quite sure no one will go up against them so they bullied me into signing separation agreement not to sue them under the ADA since I was caring for my son.

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In general, the agreement is valid once you sign. But there are exceptions, so consult an employment lawyer to discuss if there is anything you can do.


There is no business so large that employment attorneys will not pursue them.

It sounds like you may have potential claims. You should sit down with an experienced employment attorney immediately to discuss your options.

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In all likelihod the agreement will control...

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