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Can I sue a witness who LIED if I have PROOF and they caused me to be labeled UNFIT father and sexual molester,lost custody

Pensacola, FL |

At very last instances of testimony, without a hint of warning, my oldest daughter stated FALSELY that I had molested her since age of her first memory to age of 16. She then continues that no contact with her ever made nor suggested, nor that pics then, nothing---she simply stated that I molested her and that was it. I crossed examine her (of course) and was able to get her to admit to court she was upset with me about money stoppage recently and that just 2 weeks previously she visited me and wrote me a letter explaining how great a father I was.I displayed evidence that she has history of crying rape against others,namely those she was helping and her brother even. Had a BLACKMAIL letter her and an ex-gf both SIGNED AND DATED for $2500 threatening to accuse me. Judge BELIEVED HER-I LOST

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You cannot sue them for slander or libel doubt to something called litigation immunity or litigation privilege. There are other remedies for perjury including state prosecution and contempt from Court. Good luck!

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Are you related to the other person asking questions out of Pensacola about children taken by DCF and placed with the grandparents?

This information is a general answer and is not specific to any particular case. Carin Manders Constantine, Esq. 727-456-0032/ 727-488-8272



you seem more concerned as to if or not I've posted elsewhere than with posting a helpful response. That said, I do not force you to read nor reply to my questions, rather 1 or 100 just as you do not force me to eat spinach everyday. Point is, I am on this forum in search of assistance through a medium that is available to me and I assume you are here as a party that supposedly is to lend her expert knowledge and experience LIKELY UNDERSTANDING THAT ALMOST 100% persons asking questions on here are UNREPRESENTED (otherwise we would be asking our own counsel you think?) and equally UNABLE TO AFFORD AN ATTORNEY. So are you following my posted questions to distract OTHERS WHO MIGHT WANT TO ADD for some weird reason? Or do you just HAPPEN UPON ONLY MY TOPIC OF QUESTIONS? Either way, you do NOT have to reply so if you do not feel a desire to be HELPFUL at least do not be destructive. I have not followed your postings to badger you--I expect the same . I am NOT a lawyer, I am NOT with bag full of funds, I am NOT with knowledge of law EXCEPT FACT THAT I NEED HELP and that there HAS TO BE SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE. No WAY that Florida is so flawed in its legal system that LYING ON STAND in OK and turning in suspect documents is OK and that an EXPERT WITNESS making THREE DIFFERENT statements each CONTRADICTING in nature become CREDIBLE---there has to be SOME JUSTICE somewhere and if so I simply wish to iscover HOW I MIGHT GO ABOUT OBTAINING IT. I already KNOW I am viewed failure by many because I went unrepresented and there are others who just feel all verdicts are JUST and that is that! Well, wake up that is NOT the reality and as one accepting payment to help people in domestic cases, I am PRAYING YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THOSE LAWYERS that just know that the accused is guilty NO MATTER WHAT--irregardless of obvious lies , irregardless of agendas against accused, irregardless of discovered fact DURING and or after case proceedings. If you are, then UNREPRESENTED PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF ARE NOT THE REAL PROBLEM but rather it is those lawyers like yourself (AGAIN ASSUMING YOU ARE AS I've described as being one of "THOSE" lawyers--if not DISREGARD statement entirely). If you care to post POSITIVELY and with facts to QUESTION at hand, then I will be very THANKFUL for it. ALBEIT, if your posts replies to me are as they have been thus far--I was a cry BETTER OFF without them and would hope you the professionalism to leave my posts alone--see my name, DON'T READ. SIMPLE AS THAT. FOR ALL OTHERS WHO HAVE ATTEMPTED IN TRUE FAITH TO GIVE FRUITFUL REPLIES, I want to send my thanks and ultimate appreciation because that is what I genuinely can offer and feel. Rodney Peak by the way, case is FL 2011 -DR 001882 out of First Distric Court in ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FLORIDA [ ruled over by Magistrate Keith A. McIver with Grandparents represented by Clayton Taylor and the LMFT was Karleen Schauster] for those whom wish to help (or even those that wish to run off to grandparents and their lawyer to WARN THEM that I am on warpath towards justice)


Very unlikely as statement made in connection with litigation are privileged.

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