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Can i sue a website for giving out personal informations about me (i.e. private pictures) to another website without my consent?

Newark, CA |

I have posted my private pictures at this one website and set my account so that only certain people can view those pictures. A year later, while I was online I decided to search my own name online (being that I have an uncommon last name) and see what results I would get. I wasn't surprised that there would be a few results about my personal info such as name, city where I live, previous address, etc. I decided to click on one website and that's when I saw the pictures that I had previously posted on the other website. I am in great disbelief that the website where I had posted my pictures would give this kind of private info without my permission and is nowhere mentioned in their disclaimer nor privacy policy.

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You should definitely complain to the site if this is not in their terms or privacy policy, however consider that someone else may have simply right clicked on your photos, saved them and uploaded them elsewhere. . .

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