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Can I sue a school or district for school employees discussing my children's behavior in the office where another parent overhea

Peoria, IL |

My 7 yr old son has Adhd and has been having issues at school lately and my 9 yr old has been kinda showing out lately since his brother has been diagnosed with this. Well both of them got suspended last week for throwing a fit, the youngest one actually hit the teacher.. And the oldest was pushing chairs around and another student got hurt... But Another parent was in the office and overheard them discussing me and my children and their behavior and saying that they should call the dept of child and family services on me.. Saying that my children act like they don't have any home training and my youngest is calling the teacher momma but this do get attention from them not me anyone who know me can tell you i give them the up most time.

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I don't see a lawsuit here.


This conduct was insensitive and unprofessional, to say the least. It merits a strong complaint to the principal, head of the district and even your state school superintendent. But it is not a sound basis for a lawsuit.

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