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Can I sue a restaurant and/or employees for verbally and physically threaten me and my family?

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I went to eat a well known restaurant. From the beginning the waiter was a little rude but we ignored it. When we got our checks the employee had it wrong, we called him and told him politely about it. He got mad didn't want to change it and he continuously argued about it. Then brought the correct tickets and left, we had the credits cards ready but he ignored us for about 10 more minutes. When he gave us the receipt I again politely told him to seek a different career since he is unfriendly and seems not to help people. He then got mad, spilled water on my sibling's clothes, purse and $800 smart phone. Then he got on his cell phone called his "wife" and told her to come take care of us. I immediately called the police.I also told the manager who witnessed it all and he just laugh it out.

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Unless you have witnesses, this may be a full scale waste of time. He said / she said cases tend to go nowhere, and your economic (objective) damages are very limited.

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Much ado about very very little. De minims. Move on.

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Probably not, given the low amount of injury actually sustained. You would probably cause more harm to the business by posting honest reviews of your experience on restaurant review sites and help other people avoid similar treatment.


It's not illegal to be a jerk. If you suffered no actual harm (other than being irritated), then it is unlikely that you'll have any viable claim.

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